Why Would You Go With Wood To Keep You Warm?

Keeping warm is necessary for every human being. Not only is being cold unpleasant, but it is also a health hazard, increasing the likelihood of you getting some illnesses. To avoid this, it is advisable to find ways of keeping warm. To produce heat for you to keep warm, energy has to be produced. How much energy you produce determines how much heat will be produced. That is why you can keep warm by rubbing your palms against each other whenever you feel cold.


However, this is not sufficient heat for your whole body. This is why it is necessary to produce heat or light a fire, which will produce a lot of energy. Here are a few reasons why you would opt for wood to keep warm.

1.    Renewable source of energy

This means that wood can never run out. As long you keep on planting trees, then wood never runs out. This is contrary to fuels such as oil, which are minerals from the ground and thus can be depleted. This in turn creates a wider variety and puts the oils and other fossil fuels to other uses instead of exhausting it. Use of wood for heating directly interprets that there will be oil for the future generations.

2.    Controllable

With the use of wood, you are able to take full charge. There will be no bills, usually unexpectedly high, at the end of the month. You are able to regulate yourself since you buy the wood and use it at will. Furthermore, what happens when you are dependent on electricity and then the lights go off? You are not only in the cold but also in the dark. With wood, you have no reason to fear power interruptions, and clearly, you are able to deal with both problems (i.e. light and warmth.)

3.    Cheaper

When compared to other sources of energy, use of wood for warming and home heating purposes is actually the cheapest option. You could even get free wood by going to the forest and collecting fallen branches. The cheapness and easy acquisition of wood super cedes that of any other fuel.

4.    Natural

Warmth from wood feels natural and relatable. It is the closest type of warmth when in comparison with the sun. No wonder it is still used in camps to tell campfire stories or by couples to create a romantic mood. Fire from wood brings forth heat that humans can easily relate to due to how natural it is.

5.    Reduced global warming

Of all the fuels when burnt, wood releases the least amount of poisonous and harmful gases to the air, both in number and quantity. Wood only produces carbon dioxide that is taken in by plants.

Use of wood has great advantages and benefits, not to mention even the free workout involved in carrying logs and lighting fires. This keeps you fit as compared to flicking switches on and off. Go natural and get some wood to keep yourself warm during the cold!

Maintaining The Body Temperature For Survival

Being warm is a one thing, being hot is quite another. Massive temperature changes may not be a big issue for cold-blooded animals such as reptiles, amphibians and fish, this is because they do not maintain a constant body temperature and generally flow with that of the surrounding. However, for birds and mammals (the category humans fall under), they are warm blooded, meaning they maintain an averagely constant body temperature. Therefore, when there is great difference between the body temperature and atmospheric temperature, this poses a very serious challenge.


It is for this very reason why we need to have ways of heating our rooms during the cold season and yet again cooling them during the hot season. Likewise, how you have to remove your coat when the sun comes up and wear it when night falls. Birds also have their own mechanisms of ensuring the body maintains its temperature when in “harsh” weather, mainly through their feathers. One major invention that has aided humans in this phenomenon of life is air-conditioners. Let us take a closer look at these human aids.

1.    Working

The original purpose of the air conditioner is simple; to keep the room cool, when it gets too hot. When it is cold, you could put on clothes, one after the other. However, when it is hot, you cannot take off all your clothes. This shows why it is so necessary to have an air conditioner. However, there are that have a reverse function, and thus are able to keep a room hot when it gets cold.

They function by taking in the hot air in the room, removing the heat and releasing it outside, then blowing back the cold air to the room. This explains why air conditioners are fixed in walls. The cooling is a cycle since the cool air will drop while more hot air will rise and get to the air conditioner, no wonder air conditioners are fitted high in the wall.

2.    Common problems

An air conditioner is a machine like any other and every machine has a capacity limit. A good example is you. Regardless of who you are, there is that weight that you can carry. Likewise, there is that weight which you cannot carry, that which exceeds your capability. Therefore, if your home is exceedingly hot, maybe due to use of many appliances, there being too many people in the house etc., be sure that the air conditioner will be overloaded and not be able to perform as per requirement.

Leakages in the vents and ducts around the house will greatly affect the performance of your air conditioner, either to under-perform or require more energy than expected. Therefore, always be on the lookout for the condition of your air conditioning system in your house that it does not fail you.

The acquisition and installing of an air condition system in every house is quite necessary. Make sure you maintain it properly to serve you loyally through the harsh times, come rain and come shine!

Why Should You Be Bothered About Devices Such As Air Conditioners?


Strictly speaking, the need for devices such as air conditioners and humidifiers in homes is not necessary, unless in extreme weather conditions. The vast majority of people in the world can actually do without such devices. However, there is still some benefit to using them. The fact that some of these benefits are major means that when you are thinking of investing in items such as air conditioners, it would be wise for you to be thorough about it, and also make plans for maintaining them as well. In addition to simply making you more comfortable, there are a few other benefits of using air conditioners and humidifiers, and any other devices that improve the air quality in a room. Some of these include:

It reduces the risk of respiratory disease

This is the most obvious reason for having one of these devices. When you have humidifiers and air conditioners at home, they reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air, and this in turn reduces the risk of the air causing respiratory disease. The most notable benefit is normally to people who have some kind of allergy, such as people with asthma. In such cases, the particles that cause the attack are removed from the air before they are inhaled, protecting the susceptible individual. Some of the benefits of this include reduced time spent in hospital as well as reduced cost of healthcare. By installing an air conditioner, humidifier or even ionizer in the home, you may end up having a huge impact on your socioeconomic life especially in the long term.

It increases productivity

One of the things that make installation of air conditioners and humidifiers at home and in offices is the fact that it has a positive effect on productivity. When people are comfortable, they are more likely to focus, and this means that they will get a lot more done. Poor air quality has been associated with other issues including headaches, and it is by reducing the risk of this that they also increase productivity in such settings.

It has an effect on your mood

One of the most interesting things about human psyche is that when placed in an environment that is not comfortable, human beings are more likely to be affected by issues such as stress and depression. When the quality of air in a home or any other environment is not optimized, this is also likely to happen. By investing in devices that can improve this, one can easily ensure that such problems don’t end up plaguing individuals in that environment.

As you can see, there are many reasons why it’s important to invest in devices such as air conditioners and humidifiers for your home. However, you need to keep in mind that in order to benefit from all the above, simply buying such items is not enough. You need to make sure that you buy appliances that are suitable for your needs, and also make sure that they are serviced properly to keep them working as expected.

Making Your Home Smell Fresh And Clean!

People say that each home has a unique smell about it, and this is usually not apparent to the people living in the house. If you are a homeowner, you might be interested in making your home feel and smell nice and fresh. However, there are many times when this proves to be very difficult, especially when you also have to deal with issues such as an aging house that has some areas that have a lot of dampness. However, there are a number of things that can be done to ensure that the air quality in the house is improved, and that it ends up smelling very fresh. Some of these include:

Invest in indoor air quality testing


If the issue of the quality of air in the house is a major problem for you, it makes a lot of sense to have this tested. There are some companies that provide such services, and will give you comprehensive information about exactly what is in the air in your home. For instance, if the bad odor is as a result of spores, they will be able to tell you this, and you can then take action on getting rid of it.

Invest in basic hygiene

If your home has an odd smell that you can’t really localize, it might be a good idea to then start considering a thorough cleaning of the house. You don’t have to do this; you can ask one of the cleaning companies in your area to do this for you. This kind of cleaning has to be thorough in that in addition to cleaning surfaces, you should also consider cleaning other areas such as the curtains and furniture. It’s also important to get rid of any clutter that you don’t need. Remember, having too many things cluttering the house could make it stuffy, and this could affect the quality of air in the house. Another aspect of hygiene is letting some air and light into the house. Sunlight tends to have a mild disinfectant effect, and this is why it often makes a room smell nice when you open the windows. This is due to the formation of ions and ozone that get rid of bacteria and other sources of bad odor.

Invest in some tech

There are some technologies that are excellent at reducing the odors in a house. These include an ionizer, which creates charged air particles that adhere to floating material such as dust. You could also get a low power ozone generator. This should only slightly increase the amount of ozone in the room, which gives it a fresh smell akin to a forest after a storm. When you combine this with cool air from an air conditioner, your house should turn out to be a very comfortable place to live in.

With the steps above, you should be able to end up with a home that smells very nice and clean in no time. How your home smells might not sound like such a major concern, but after doing the above, you are likely to realize that it’s well worth it.

Tips For Installing Outdoor Natural Gas Fire Pits

One of the best ways to enhance your patio or outdoor living space is by installing an outdoor natural gas fire pit. You can add warmth to the space while creating a focal point that adds to the aesthetic appeal. There are many design options that can enhance your space regardless of the size.


Exploring the options will help you to make the best choice but there are some factors to consider before the project begins. You need to consider the fuel source and its ready availability to ensure cost efficiency. Natural gas is efficient and it is a cost effective option for most households.

hoosing the location

As always, choosing the best location is one of the most important design decisions that you have to make. You need to think about the right placement to get the best effect. Make sure that you choose a location that is safe and which will provide the best function.

Make sure that you do not have bushes or hanging branches close to the pit. Select an area that does not have plenty of dry grass that can cause a fire hazard. You should consider adding gravel or using building concrete on the designated spot to reduce the risk of stray sparks causing trouble.

Consider the design

When you have identified a location for your fire pit, think about the best design for the space. You will be spoilt for choice when shopping and you can get any design that you desire. You can also hire a designer or contractor to come up with a unique custom design that will suit your taste and needs.

It is a good idea to think about a pit that will match the landscaping or design architecture of your home. You can also decide to show your creativity by choosing a unit that is a complete departure in terms of design, and which will act as a focal point or conversation piece.

Hiring a contractor

This may seem like a simple D-I-Y job, but unless you have experience, it is always a good idea to get professional help. An experienced contractor will install the unit to ensure that it works effectively. Whether you decide to buy a readymade pit, or you want one custom made, correct installation will ensure that it works effectively.

The project can be labor intensive and when you consider that you will be working with flammable materials, it is always best to leave it to the experts. The experts will also recommend the best materials and they can offer useful tips on maintenance.

After installing an outdoor natural gas fire pit, you need to make sure that you have a water source or fire extinguisher nearby. This will help to enhance safety and prevent accidents. Proper maintenance of the pit is important to ensure that it works effectively. A gas fire pit is quite safe but you need to ensure that you get regular service to keep it working at optimum level. At Aire Max, we make it a policy to provide the best maintenance so that our customers enjoy their installations.

Choosing The Right Gas Fireplace For Your Home

Most people looking to buy a new home look for features that will enhance the comfort and aesthetics. A fireplace ranks high as one of the top amenities that people look for, alongside other features like a patio or deck. While it might be a costly project, installing a fireplace can help to increase the value of your home making it cost effective in the end. When you decide to embark on the project, you need to choose the best fireplace design for your home.


1. Flexible installation

The use of gas-fueled fireplaces has become common due to the improved technology and flexible installation. The fact that there is no actual combustion means that there is less structural work needed during installation. The fireplaces can be installed virtually anywhere as long as you have a gas connection and the improved construction allows maximum heat insulation. You can have a fireplace in every room in the house and you can even have one installed right in the center of the room.

2. Choosing style

The availability of a wide range of styles means that you can get exactly what you need for your home. There are different models from traditional to contemporary and you can even get one customized for your home. Having a fireplace that looks and operates like real wood will not only provide the warmth that you need, you also benefit from enhanced energy efficiency. Gas fireplaces continue to decorate public and private spaces as people take advantage of the different styles and enhanced technology.

3. Control systems

One of the main benefits of installing a gas fireplace over a wood one is the ability to control the heat output. The gas fireplace is controlled using a thermostat unlike the wood unit that can only be controlled with the damper. Some of the high-end gas models come with automatic control systems that monitor the temperature of the room before adjusting accordingly. This means that your room will always be at the desired temperature or exactly the way you like it.

4. The venting options

There are three main venting options available when installing the gas fireplace. You can choose between a natural vent, direct vent or vent free technology. If you have an existing chimney, the natural vent is your best option. For the direct vent, you require a sealed glass door in order to ensure efficiency and maintain proper combustion. If you want a sleek look to match your new plasma TV, the vent free technology is the way to go.

You can get the log look without burning wood or dealing with pollution. Manufacturers are coming up with designs that produce an authentic looking flame and even the smell of burning wood. The models come in different sizes and designs to enhance any space. It is important to ensure that you get routine maintenance for your fireplace in order to ensure safety. At Aire Max, we guarantee the best service for your unit to ensure that you get optimum performance all year round.

Cleaning The Indoor Air For Asthma Patients

About 300 million people around the world today are suffering from asthma. It is an inflammatory disease that causes difficulty in breathing. The medical costs for asthma are quite high as well. If there is someone in your home who has asthma, it is important that you maintain a good indoor air quality. Here are some tips on cleaning the indoor air.

Time your household cleaning

Dust is the most common asthma trigger. And the time where there is too much dust in the air is when you conduct general cleaning. Avoid doing general cleaning near asthma patients. Better yet, have them leave the home so that they would not be able to breathe the dusty air. Time your general cleaning well. Also, instead of sweeping or dusting, you might want to use vacuum cleaners instead.

Prevent the growth of molds

The growth of molds inside the home is a problem that you should worry about. Mold grows in places where there is water which are basically the kitchen and the bathroom. It sometimes grows in the basement or the attic. Mold could really cause allergic reactions as they pollute the indoor air. To prevent the growth of molds, it is important to prevent leaks and other water-related problems.

Change filters regularly


The filters of your air conditioning system help in maintaining the cleanliness of the indoor air. The problem is that they also get dirty overtime. Once the filters become clogged with dust, they would not be able to serve their purpose. Instead of cleaning the air, they would simply contribute in the scattering of dust all over your home. Do not hesitate if your filters have to be replaced.

Adjust the humidity in your home

Controlling the humidity is also one of the keys in keeping the air good for asthma patients. It is important to prevent high humidity as it causes the air to be moist and it also encourages the growth of mold. You could always get a high quality dehumidifier to help you control your indoor air quality. But you should also make sure that there is enough humidity. If you lack humidity, you might want to consider getting a humidifier or even a vaporizer.

Avoid smoking inside the home

Smoke is probably the major cause of indoor air pollution. Thus, it is important that no one should smoke inside the home especially if there is an asthma patient in the household. There are a lot of asthma patients who have asthma attacks by merely sniffing smoke for a couple of times. Also, second-hand smoking could cause respiratory diseases and other medical conditions and that is why it should definitely be avoided.

If you need help in maintining indoor air quality, you could always hire the services of Aire Max. We offer heating systems, cooling systems, and a whole lot more. We offer top quality products and provide excellent customer services. We can be your partner in making sure that good indoor air quality is enjoyed in your home.

It’s Beneficial To Bathe In A Hot Shower!


When you take a shower, you have two options – bathe in cold water or go for hot water. Thinking of turning off your water heater whenever taking a shower? Well, you might not want to do that and simply enjoy the hot water. There are a lot of good reasons why you should consider bathing in hot water.

Helps open up the skin pores

Any normal person would want a clearer and more radiant skin. Well, if you want that, having a hot shower could help you achieve it. Hot water can force the closed pores to open up. This is to allow the body to exhaust some heat. And as pores open up, the toxins and other particles which are trapped in it are released. Every day, your skin gets exposed to smoke and other skin irritants. Regular hot showers can help your skin have a clearer and cleaner look.

Helps you to relax

To be able to relax is what a lot of people need this days. Oftentimes, people engage too much in work or other activities that they forget to spend some time for their own selves. Usually, they wait until they get sick before they find some time for relaxation. Well, after a long, stressful day and you simply want to relax, you can always take a nice hot bath. Hot water running through your body could really help provide relaxation.

Helps promote better sleep

Since taking a hot shower helps you to relax, it could also aid you in getting a better sleep at night. If you find yourself tossing and turning on your bed for hours before finally dozing off into dreamland, consider taking a shower first before you go to bed. So many people have been able to sleep easier and better at night by simply taking a shower-first ritual before trying to sleep.

Helps muscle build-up

If you want to have leaner, bigger, or more-sculpted muscles, then you are in luck because regular hot showers could help you with that. When you take a hot bath, the body releases what is referred to as heat stress proteins. These proteins make the body more suitable for physical exercise. It is for this reason that a lot of people take hot showers first before engaging in strenuous physical exercises or activities.

Hot shower might offer a lot of benefits but do not forget to take cold showers as well from time to time. Among the great things about having a cold shower is that your skin is moisturized and your testosterone levels increase. Consider alternating cold and hot showers.

Can’t enjoy a hot shower because your boiler needs fixing? You might probably need a new boiler. Well, when it comes to boiler repair and installation services, you can always count on Aire Max. We are a company which specializes in HVAC services. With more than fifteen years of experience in the industry, we are sure that what we offer is customer satisfaction. Consider hiring our services.

How To Ensure That Your Elderly Parents Stay Warm In Winter


It is not uncommon to hear elderly people complaining about the cold even when everyone else thinks that the temperature is just fine. There are several reasons why this might be the case and they range from slower blood circulation to the slowing down of the metabolism which means that they body is less efficient when it comes to generating heat.

As people age, they are more susceptible to medical conditions due to the body temperature and it is important to ensure that your loved ones remain comfortable as they age.

1. Dressing warm

If your parents are living with you, you can encourage them to dress warm. Wrapping up when they are indoors can keep them warm in winter, but layering is often more effective. Wearing several thin layers of clothing is more effective that one thick jumper. Some fabrics that work effectively include wool, cotton, polyester and fleecy synthetics. Thermal underwear is perfect but thick tights and long socks can also be very helpful.

2. Moving about

For those who are still healthy enough to move about, nothing beats the cold like activity. Long periods of inactivity can leave the elderly person feeling cold and it helps to perform some simple tasks like vacuuming or even walking to the store. The movement will raise the body temperature, but it is not a good idea to be outdoors if it is too cold.

3. Enhance nutrition

Another way to keep the cold away is by eating well. By eating well, the body will need to burn the calories, which helps to keeps the body warm. Eating well in the colder months is essential and the diet should ideally be hot meals with plenty of carbs like pasta, potatoes or rice. Hot soups and stews are essential, as well as protein from meat and fish to provide energy. Fruits and vegetables are essential to stay healthy. Regular hot drinks can help to stave off the cold between meals.

4. Home heating

It is vital for the home temperature to be ideal for the elderly. Keeping the temperature at 21 degrees Celsius in the rooms most used by your parents will help to keep them warm. You have to remember that the elderly have a higher risk of getting hypothermia, strokes or heart attacks.

Keeping the living room and bedroom warm is important and you should ensure that the thermostat is set to turn the heat on before bedtime. Proper insulation and using double-glazing are some measures that can enhance comfort. Good window treatments will also help to keep the room temperature ideal.

We can install a heating system that will keep not just your parents warm, but also the entire family. At Aire Max Heating and Cooling Systems, we offer affordable services that will keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. Our superior products help to ensure that you not only get the best temperature in your home, but you do so without the huge energy bills. We can help you to keep your home warm by ensuring that your heating system is working at optimum level.

Workplace Environment – How the Temperature Impacts Productivity


If you have noticed that your employees are constantly tinkering with the thermostat or they seem to be in a constant battle with the temperature, you may need to make changes in the environment. While it might look like the discomfort is temporary or it does not have much impact, the fact is that the temperature in your office has an impact on productivity.

When people are feeling too hot or too cold, they spend more time worrying about how to be more comfortable than working. A good sign that your office temperature may not be ideal is that your workers tend to make more trips to the water cooler or they take longer breaks throughout the day.

1. Find the optimal temperature

While you cannot expect everyone to agree on the best temperature, you can find out the optimal temperature range. Environments that are too hot or too cold affect the brain, which becomes more preoccupied with trying to monitor the body temperature. If the workers are struggling to stay warm, they are more likely to make mistakes in their work.

A boost in the temperature can improve performance significantly and this is good news for the company. If the space is too hot, the employees will suffer from fatigue and they become irritable, which also affects concentration.

2. Be penny wise with budget cuts

Many business owners try to save money by cutting costs in the very wrong areas. It may be admirable trying to keep your energy costs low but you have to think about the consequences when it affects productivity. You might save substantially on heating and air conditioning costs, but if this means reduced staff productivity, you are not really making any savings.

If the saving you make in one area lead to loses in a more important area, you are not doing your business much good. Keeping the thermostat high in summer and low in winter might reduce the energy bill, but it will also affect employee performance.

3. Gender and temperature

Research has shown that the thermostat can be a major battleground of the sexes. There is a dispute when it comes to issues of temperature and the perfect temperature for men is different from that of women. According to experts, this is purely physiological and men tend to get hot faster than women due to their larger muscle mass.

On the other hand, women have more constricted vessels on their bodies and these keep the blood near the surface of the skin. One reason for this is that the female body has the tendency to draw blood around the major organs, drawing it away from the extremities. This means that women often have the constant need to keep their cold hands and feet warm.

To make sure that you enhance the environment in your workplace, it helps to have the best quality HVAC services. At Aire Max Heating and Cooling Systems, we can help to ensure that you have a comfortable work environment. We provide affordable heating, ventilation and air conditioning services and products to meet your office needs, while enhancing efficiency.